Workshops & Seminars


Learn to laugh again!


You may prefer to join a small group and enjoy the buzz with like-minded people.  This gives your dog chance to socialise and learn to stay focused despite some distractions.

Workshops and seminars will be offered over the year – often these will focus on the human part of the partnership learning new skills and knowledge by using videos and demonstrations.

Many dog owners wish to join a small group and share the expense of training their dog. Also perceiving that this may give their dog/puppy the opportunity to socialise. Depending on the personality of the dogs it may be decided that a smaller number is more appropriate.

If any dogs/puppies are a little more challenging a 1:1 session may be suggested.

Class size: a maximum of 6 dogs.

It may be possible to book extra individual time when the class finishes. £30 pro rata so 30 minutes £15

A course of 10 sessions of one hour would give a great foundation for £100. Each session will be 90 minutes.  Puppy classes/Adult dog classes will be offered separately.

A block of 10 lessons includes a complimentary workshop/seminar where owners are invited to attend without their dog. This gives me the opportunity to explain the game based, fun, developing true partnership learning approach and how it gives real-life results (not just in the training session). I may demonstrate some of the games with one of my huskies.