One-to-One Sessions


Make dreams a reality!

I have a “games based” approach to learning. Playing short, three minute, fun games, will help your Canine buddy make the right choices.

The more you reward the right choices, the more automatic those choices become.

You will also build an awesome bond between you and your canine best friend as you learn together

This is an approach that through short fun packed games teaches the dog (and human) concepts and develops personality to encourage optimism, the ability to deal with frustration, increased focus, understand boundaries, ability to tolerate novelty and be flexible thus building confidence. The aim is to give real-life results not just in training class situations.

Strategic games are used to move your dog from spending his time afraid, anxious or Red- lining (over threshold) and move him to being excited to work with you and otherwise comfortable in any surrounding

As an owner (as parents do with their children) you need to create the right experiences for your dog so his brain is rewired to control his impulses. Without the right life experiences, the opportunity to practice impulse control, your dog’s brian stays immature. He has ‘puppy brain’.

This control takes practice like any new skill. Brain training games build the right neural pathways so the dog does not stay in ‘puppy brain’, they can learn to calm themselves, focus and listen.

I can help you to take on a collaborative leadership role (no intimidation) this can also help you with other aspects of your life. Your dog will choose to follow your lead.

Length of Session / Number of sessions

Introductory Session

To include explaining my approach and the important background concepts for real life long lasting results.

The introduction of 3 short games for you and your dog to play.

The introductory session will be 2 hours at £50

Additional Sessions

As with any new skill, the more guidance and practice with good quality feedback the better the result.

It is up to you to choose how many sessions you require. It will be an ongoing journey.

Each session after the introductory session will likely be an hour each for £40


The journey is the goal and fun in itself.