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Interest in alternative therapies has been growing at a phenomenal rate over recent years and continues to do so.  There are many reasons for this, but prominent among them is the realization that conventional medicine has limitations and is not infallible, together with an increasing desire on the part of individuals to take a more active role in improving and maintaining their own and their companion animal’s health and well-being.

Alternative therapies offer you not just the opportunity to fight the symptoms of illness, but also look beneath the surface to its possible origins.  Alternative therapies do not offer a quick fix but a different way of looking at the roots of good health, which often involves the adoption of new principles and making them a regular part of your life.

Optimum health encompasses a positive state of physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Lifestyle, personality and history are all relevant to the life force and restoring natural balance and harmony. Animals are fine-tuned into this energy realm and benefit hugely from this type of therapy.

Living with humans your dog can become unbalanced as they absorb some of the negative energy felt by their family of humans.

Energy Therapies

There are many types of holistic therapies some classed as energy therapies, some physical and some mind and spirit. I am qualified to practice with the following:

Acupressure: The principles that underpin acupressure are the same as those that lie behind acupuncture developed in China. This can be an effective self-help measure through its efficacy in terms of trigger points. It aims to regulate the lifeforce that flows through the body to promote health and general well-being.

Shiatsu: A Japanese therapy that uses touch and pressure in a combination of techniques to stimulate energy flow in the meridian and promotes self- healing, vitality and well- being.  The general qualities of yin and yang are ascribed to certain body areas and characteristics, a balance between the two is promoted.

Crystal therapy: Crystals can be used for a multitude of purpose including healing, meditation and manifestation.  Specific crystals resonate with the chakras or energy vortexes of the body and can help to diagnose imbalance and promote healing.

Reiki: A spiritual healing discipline utilizing a universal healing force, particularly effective when used alongside other therapies. The practitioner has been tuned to the force by a Reiki Master and can channel the energy. The universal life force of yin and yang is important to Reiki healing.


Thai: Thai massage focuses on energy lines and pressure points closely connected to the meridian system used in Chinese Traditional Medicine and Shiatsu.  There is a physical massage and body movement component to treatment.  I do not treat animals with this approach.

Essential Oils and Bath Flower: These remedies can also be used for therapeutic effects.

Physical Therapies


I am qualified to practice with therapeutic massage, sports massage and hot stones massage.

Therapeutic massage “Swedish massage”: This involves the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. A massage has both a psychological and physiological effect for both humans and animals.  The sensation of touch stimulates the release in the brain of endorphins which act as painkillers and induce a feeling of well -being and relaxation.

This can be enhanced using essential oils. Care needs to be taken with the choice of oils as animals can be sensitive to some oils that humans find therapeutic. I do not offer the sports massage or hot stone massage to animals.

Mind and Spirit Therapies

I hold a BSc honours degree in Psychology and have obtained further qualifications in Counselling and Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies. A key element is the restructuring of thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

In helping to form a great partnership with our dog it is important to create a more positive mindset and learn to control previous negative thoughts and emotions.

We expect our dog to have self-control, so I believe we should practice the same.  It takes time, it is a journey of self-discovery and growth.

The visualisation of a positive outcome is a very effective aid in promoting the behaviour we want from our pet.  This is easier said than done, if you are successful it is a life changer.  Like any new skill it takes baby steps and practice and we need to be kind with ourselves if mistakes are made. That is part of the process. The first step is to be aware and honest about what you are thinking, feeling and doing.


Our thoughts link to our emotions and our behaviour. It is a loop that can continue to either spiral downwards or upwards – negative or positive. You may notice a trigger for behaviour you do not want from your dog (another dog if your dog is reactive to other dogs) this thought of “oh no a dog” is highly likely to trigger an emotion of anxiety or fear which results in the physical action of you tightening the lead or a change in your body language such as tensing up.


Your dog is very tuned into your thoughts, feelings and your body language. Do not ever doubt that. This means they are likely to mirror you. So, the spiral continues.

Once we become skilled at honestly acknowledging our thoughts, feelings and behaviour we can work at changing the cycle. This is not easy as it is likely to be a long-established pattern and part of your personality.

Your dog is never too old to learn!

Natural optimism or pessimism obviously has a huge part to play.  We can work at change.  When successful this is a huge Life-changer as it works with all aspects of your life.

Do be aware that dogs are also natural optimists or pessimists too, but the good news is that it is much easier to work with helping them develop their life-skills and be confident. Dogs do not continue to keep thinking about the negative experience unless a trigger is present. A game-based approach is brilliant for getting great results as we can work directly with optimism.

So, whether you want to work with fear, phobias, anxiety, hating to be left, reacting in a seemingly aggressive way to other dogs, people, children, cars or bikes my holistic and fun-filled, game-based approach can help your family’s well being and ability to comfortably live life and be happy.

WIN WIN for all your family!